Terms of Use

1. About HeyChoices

 1.1 HeyChoices is a marketplace predominately catered for the wedding industry, as well as other related services. HeyChoices is not a wedding product or service provider, wedding merchant or an agent representative.

 1.2 HeyChoices members include Members (defined in 3.1) and Non-Members (defined in 3.2), which include prospective brides and grooms, newlyweds and their Wedding guests (collectively, "Wedding Members") and companies and other third parties offering products and services related to Weddings (collectively, "Merchant Members").

 1.3 If any service is provided to Wedding Member by any of the Merchant Member or third party, such Merchant Member or third party is not employee or agent of HeyChoices. Whilst the merchants and the third parties will handle each booking for their services and purchase of their products in a professional manner, no guarantee express or implied is made by HeyChoices in respect of the services and products provided by any Merchant Member or third party nor shall HeyChoices be held responsible for any Wedding Members’ damages caused by the negligence of any Merchant Member or third party.

2. About this website

 2.1 This website is owned by HeyChoices

 2.2 The information provided on this website is for reference only. No warranty is made as to its accuracy. The subjects and contents of this website are subject to change without notice. This website function solely as a neutral venue and digital clearinghouse where Wedding Members and Merchant Members may connect for a particular type of service or product. We are not involved in or a party to the actual transaction between Members.

 2.3 Nothing given in the subjects or contents of this website constitute legal opinion.

 2.4 Any virtual link to another website is for reference only and does not represent any association or authorization.

 2.5 All contents and downloadable material (i.e. potentially patentable business method material, design logos, phrases, names, logos, HTML code and/or other computer code and/or scripts) on this website are copyrighted work of HeyChoices or Merchant Members or Wedding Members (save and except those contents and material the ownerships of which are named specifically). You agree and acknowledge that your use of this Site does not confer upon you any license or permission to use our (or any third party's) copyrighted work. You shall not reproduce, modify, display, sell, or distribute the copyrighted work, or use our copyrighted work in any other way for public or commercial purposes. All other trademarks, service marks and copyrights are held by their rightful owners. You may not frame or link to the Site without our prior written permission.

 2.6 All other company, product, service or brand names that appear on this website may be trademarks of their own respective owners.

 2.7 Neither HeyChoices nor the manager of this website shall be liable for any damages arising from the use of or inability to use this website.

3. Members’ and Non-Members’ Conduct

 3.1 “Members” include those users and merchants who have opened accounts in this website, which include Wedding Members or Merchant Members.

 3.2 “Non-Members” include those users and merchants who use this website without opening accounts in this website, which also include Wedding Members or Merchant Members.

 3.3 On completion of account opening, Members are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their passwords and accounts and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under their passwords or accounts. Members agree to immediately notify HeyChoices of any unauthorized use of passwords or accounts or any other breach of security. HeyChoices cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from Members’ failure to comply with this section.

 3.4 Members and Non-Members understand that all information, data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages, tags, or other materials of this website (“Content”), whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, are the sole responsibility of the person from whom such Content originated. HeyChoices does not control the Content posted via this website and, as such, does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of such Content.

 3.5 Merchant members acknowledge that the Rating and Review ("feedback") consists of opinions left by other Members and Non-Members and a machine calculated feedback score. Merchant members further acknowledge that HeyChoices does not make judgments on the veracity of opinions or statements. Feedback Rules:

  3.5.1 Members and Non-Members may only leave one feedback item per unique transaction, whether positive, neutral, or negative, for any other Merchant Member.

  3.5.2 Members and Non-Members must have contracted business with the Merchant Member and the event must have occurred whereby the Merchant Member participated in the event, except in cases defined below. Members and Non-Members can provide feedback for Merchant Members that provide the following services prior to the event date such as but not limiting to Invitations, Dress and Attire, Favors, Jewelry, photography services provided they have contracted business with the Merchant Member. In the event the Merchant Member terminates the contract prior to the event date, the Members and Non-Members will still be allowed to submit feedback for on the Merchant Member for the event. By submitting feedback, you agree that the feedback is subjected to compliance audit by the HeyChoices Compliance Team at any time. Any feedback item investigated by the HeyChoices Compliance Team may be temporarily or permanently removed.

  3.5.3 In order to protect the integrity of the Rating and Review system, HeyChoices will only consider removing a feedback item under the following scenarios: If feedback posted contains language that is profane, vulgar, racist or contains adult material. If HeyChoices is provided with a ruling or settlement agreement from a valid and certified dispute resolution service, or is provided with a court order finding that the feedback is slanderous, libelous, defamatory or otherwise illegal or the court order requires removal. If feedback posted makes any reference to actions taken or purported to be taken by HeyChoices or any law enforcement organization. If feedback posted seeks to elicit or solicit any Member's contact information, such as other Member email addresses, for any non-HeyChoices related commercial or business purposes, or to transmit any unsolicited advertising, "junk mail," "spam," or "chain letters". If the member who left feedback cannot be reached by HeyChoices to validate the business contract within six months from the date HeyChoices attempts to contact such member as part of the dispute process. If feedback contains personally identifiable information of other members, personnel of Merchant Members or any other person. Personally identifiable information includes, but is not limited to, full names, date of birth, physical addresses, email addresses, credit card numbers, social security numbers or any other identification number provided by a government.

  3.5.4 Merchant Members may send an email to infor@heychoices.com for rating and review dispute.

 3.6 Members and Non-Members acknowledge that HeyChoices may or may not pre-screen Content, but that HeyChoices shall have the right to refuse or remove any Content. Members and Non-Members agree that they must evaluate, and bear all risks associated with, the use of any Content. In this regard, Members and Non-Members acknowledge that they may not rely on any Content created by HeyChoices or submitted to HeyChoices.

4. Termination

Members agree that HeyChoices may in its absolute discretion for any cause without prior notice, immediately terminate, limit access to or suspend Members’ accounts or their use of this website, and remove and delete any Content. Cause for such termination, limitation of access, suspension, removal or deletion shall include, but not be limited to, (a) breaches or violations of these terms and conditions and specific terms and conditions; and (b) extended periods of inactivity.

5. Limitation of Liabilities

HeyChoices shall not be liable to Members or Non-Members for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses (even if HeyChoices has been advised of the possibility of such damages) resulting from: (a) the use or the inability to use this website and/or the services; (b) the cost of procurement of substitute goods and services; (c) unauthorized access to or alteration of Members’ or Non-Members’ transmissions or data; and (d) statements or conduct of any third party on this website.

6. Notice

HeyChoices may or may not give notices, including those regarding changes to these terms and conditions, including but not limited to email, regular mail and postings on this website.

7. Trademark Information

“HeyChoices” (“Trademark”) is trademark and property of HeyChoices. Members and Non-Members agree not to show, use or in any other way dispose of the Trademark and not to declare or claim rights to show, use or dispose of the Trademark without HeyChoices’s written consent.

8. General Information

8.1 These terms and conditions (together with the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer) constitute the entire agreement between Non-Members and HeyChoices and govern Non-Members’ use of this website and the services, superseding any prior version of such terms and conditions between Non-Members and HeyChoices in respect of the use of this website and the services.

8.2 These terms and conditions (together with (a) the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer and (b) the specific terms and conditions applicable to the users and the merchants) form the entire agreement between Members and HeyChoices and govern Members’ use of this website and the services, superseding any prior version of such terms and conditions between Members and HeyChoices in respect of the use of this website and the services. In case of conflict, these terms and conditions will be replaced and superseded by specific terms and conditions agreed between Members and HeyChoices.

8.3 Members, Non-Members and HeyChoices all agree that these terms and conditions and the relationship between the parties shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong and subject to the jurisdiction of Hong Kong courts.

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